Black and gray scorpion intersected by a hard red triangle and a red circle just over the tip of the arachnid’s tail makes this piece, as everyone would say…BADASS!


Simple but fun art piece. This tattoo is called “Currents” as you can see the ocean wave move with the current as well as the paper airplanes do with wind. A bright yellow circle representing the sun peeks from the wave and of course Carlitos’ signature triangle in a bright beautiful blue color ties everything together.


Unique piece of art where the client wanted to remember his ancestors and heritage. This tattoo represents puerto rican culture at its finest with a beautiful profile of a taina, below the amapola and a carey.

Rosa Merleño

Amazing tattoo work with detailed rose and signature triangle; on one side black and gray and the other full red color making perfect balance on this unique piece by Carlitos Skills.