Triptípico: Exhibición Colectiva

This project was inspired by three generations of artists. Three generations which each has influenced the life and art of the other. Generations that as time goes by each one has developed and represented in his field on or off the island that they always call home. This project aims to revive the origin of each one, the course of their careers, the evolution in the art of graffiti (Urban Art) and how each path has taken them to where they are currently in their careers and the artistic influences that have had one over the other. This show offered us an opportunity to combine these styles and create this interesting collaboration between three artists who are defined by their unstoppable activity in the art world. The mission of this project was to show how three artists from different generations came together to create a conceptually interesting, visually appealing content, creating high-quality collector’s pieces for the enjoyment of Puerto Rico, fostering the Puerto Rican popular culture that brings back such fond memories. We wished to promote the art movement in Puerto Rican youth by offering a sample of the most recent works of the artists Sandro “Sen2” Figueroa, Don Rimx and Carlos Alexis Rivera Rivera.